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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Scarce Resources for Entrepreneur

The business person who needs assets frequently can’t generally clarify the reasons why he or she is, truth be told, asset poor. It’s really a “blind side” for them, and they regularly ascribe their rare assets to unavoidable occasions. In any case, the shortage of assets may just be the “substantial confirmation” that this specific business person has a constrained capacity to execute or play out the prerequisites of the “entrepreneurial achievement script” (the example for making progress in another business wander).

For instance, they might not have appropriately “collected” past business wanders (caught benefits or transformed value into monetary benefit), in this manner creating adequate assets to make conceivable future wandering. The business visionaries who need assets may likewise be “solitary wolves” who have not figured out how to prepare others. Or, on the other hand, they might not have perceived their range of unprecedented mastery (what they specialize in) and are “looking in the wrong place”.

Many venturing types who are either “Classic Expert Entrepreneurs” or “Institutional Experts”, have “done their time” in the area of lacking resources. Times of scarcity appear to be a natural part of the new venturing experience, and for this reason those who lack resources have a unique situation. Things such as raising venture capital or finding potential investors may appear to be far from their current state.

Therefore, within this group are opportunities waiting to be refined. And while their plans should be given serious consideration, they should also be thoroughly scrutinized.

What You Should Do

You might currently feel comfortable going it alone with your own limited resources or lending your venturing expertise to an established business opportunity where resources(such as cash, contacts, infrastructure, technology, etc.) are already in place.

But, if the entrepreneurs who lack resources intend to engage in or proceed with a new venture, they should seek help from other experts or from appropriate consultants. You probably need an expert advisory board. Essentially, your needs “appear” to be resources, and in fact they partly are. But they also include the need for close examination by experts other than yourself (venture capitalists, institutional experts within a bank or small business department of a university, or by expert venturers) to identify the more subtle reasons why resources are flowing slowly or not at all.

However, if you lack resources and are intent on undertaking a new venture, try to be humble, find an extra measure of patience, put yourself into a listening frame of mind, and start seeking detailed, specific input regarding the approach that you are taking to your venture. Most likely you will face the obstacle of being over-optimistic on your own part and will attempt to refute or challenge the advice you get (viewing it as being irrelevant or lacking in optimism). You really are dealing with a potential “blind spot” and are likely to misinterpret the information that you receive.


Nurse Entrepreneurs

Nurse entrepreneurs assume a key part the medical business and can drastically affect patients who require restorative care. The individuals who are thinking about getting into nursing, there are various open doors that would permit medical caretakers to seek after entrepreneurial attempts. These attempts may permit medical attendants to use their ability in the nursing field with the goal that they can profit and help those in need.

Starting a Business

Those who have experience in the nursing field, may be able to start a new business that takes advantage of their skills. For example, some nurse entrepreneurs set up consulting businesses. Many medical businesses need nurses as consultants for new products or treatments. Nurses who are experts in a particular field of nursing can increase their chances of success in that consulting field. Nurses may even be able to start their own temporary nursing agency or a travel nursing company. Although entrepreneurs wouldn’t necessarily have to be a nurse to start one of these companies, it could give them the proper perspective.

Developing New Products

When working as a nurse, workers get the unique opportunity to work with patients, and try out many different treatment options. With this information, they may be able to develop a new product that can benefit a particular group of patients. If nurses can come up with something that improves upon an existing treatment method, it could potentially create a lucrative career opportunity. If a nurse knows how to develop this product or license the development of it to an existing company, it could be a big money maker in the medical field.


In some cases, nurses may be able to use their knowledge as a nurse to help with promoting a new product or service. Sometimes, companies that are trying to market to the medical industry will hire experienced nurses to market their products to hospitals and other medical facilities. People who work in medical facilities may trust other nurses more than a random sales person when it comes to trying out a new product. In this role, nurses may be expected to go into a hospital or clinic and do product demonstrations or presentations. If a nurse is good at developing relationships with other people, this may be a good opportunity for them to pursue. In some cases, this opportunity could be pursued in a nurse’s spare time while other opportunities will require the nurse to quit their nursing job to focus on promotion only. If a nurse is working for a good company and making more money, this could provide the individual with an even better opportunity than nursing.


Working as an entrepreneur in the nursing field can be very rewarding because nurses may get to travel the country and start new relationships. It can also be financially rewarding as nurses may get paid on commission or get a percentage of each sale or order that is placed. Regardless of what type of entrepreneurial endeavor a nurse pursues, they stand to do very well if the product or service is well-received in the market place. It is important for nurses to make sure that the opportunity is understood before abandoning a good nursing job for a new entrepreneurial experience. Nurses who take their time and choose the right entrepreneurial endeavor could change their lives for the better.

Reach Your Dreams with These Easy Steps

It is safe to say that you are Online Entrepreneur attempting to work your online business from the solace of your own home? Well then, you know you need to end up distinctly exceptionally taught to complete things keeping in mind the end goal to achieve your fantasies.

In any case, there are some time or another’s you wake up with resistance, you simply don’t feel today is the day! We should discuss resistance here for a minute. This is any contemplations that will prevent you from taking the plunge. You let yourself know, I will do this later!

You have to make a stride back and pose a couple of inquiries. What’s your fantasy? Why do you need this so severely? Let this come to you, now go and get it, this will move your reasoning around.

Take a gander at your vision, your-what and consider your why and direction will assume control and get you appropriate back on track.

Here is a new way I have learned to help you take action and move you closer to reach your dreams. This is my Might Time! I have created an instant habit, my motivational behavior, which I have predecided and scheduled to help me reach my dreams.

3 Simple Steps

1. Find 1 hour that you can commit to 3 days a week. Yep, that’s it. Now get out you calendar and schedule this right now.

2. You will want to take 3 small easy action’s that are going to help you get closer to accomplishing your dreams, you want to make these Income Producing Activities. Here are just a few examples for you to use.

  • Calling prospects
  • Signing up new prospects
  • Training new prospects
  • Writing up an ad
  • Placing ads
  • Posting your Blog
  • You can also take a large task and break it down into small doable actions.

3. Get yourself a timer, Ready- You now have 1 hour- How long will it take you to accomplish the first action, schedule it, the second, schedule it, and the last one, schedule it. You have your timer set for an hour and you have your tasks set, so now it is time to take action.

That is it, by just using this simple plan you are showing up in your business with a plan and showing up matters. It is a proven fact this works, when you show up with great consistency on a daily basis with a plan in place you are going to reach your dreams.

Give yourself permission to show up, the sooner in the day, the better, then the rest of your day will go by like a breeze. This is now your hour of power. This is the system of Might!

Start to play big on your dream! Here is what playing big means, small steps, small wins, any actions that are moving you forward on your dreams. Multiple things will happen if you start taking consistent massive action.

This is a simple process to help you reach your dreams that will bring in big results. Do you really want it? Than go ahead and plan 3 simple actions, 3 days a week, make sure to time and track them.

If you show up and follow this system by this time next year you won’t be able to recognize yourself, you will become a new you.


Blog Criticism in Your Business

All men have an intuition for struggle: in any event, every sound me.” Hilaire Belloc. Your business has heightened immensely since you have been utilizing social media. The more prominent your introduction, the more feedback you will get. What do you do?

You ought to consider the feedback as a chance to improve. In an intriguing way, your notoriety for being a business blogger is like the notoriety of any individual who has increased some acclaim (or reputation). The more substance you share and the more individuals will communicate with you, the more grounded your superstar will be. Nonetheless, alongside the veneration comes a few feelings that will be in opposition to what you are putting forth. There will be events when individuals can’t help contradicting the data that you partake in a specific blog entry.

What to do with criticism

Criticism isn’t important (well, it is actually very important but it should not be avoided at all costs). What is important is what you do with the criticism and how you use it to improve upon what you offer and on how you conduct business. If a reader offers you constructive criticism on something that you have shared, you may be able to use that information to improve upon what you already have. Perhaps, the other person’s point of view offers some ideas that just never occurred to you before and it is getting you to look at your business in a fresh way.

Criticism can take a toll on you if you don’t approach it in the correct way. If the criticism is destructive, it may affect your self-esteem. It may lower your opinion of yourself and your business efforts. If you go to that place (emotionally), the quality of your work will not be as good as when you have a positive attitude. If your professional performance suffers, you are bound to make mistakes. If you do receive criticism, be as gracious as possible and ask the person who is handing out the criticism to offer you some solutions as well.

Have a reasonable response

As difficult as it is to accept criticism, you need to try to separate your emotions from the message that you are receiving. It is a very good idea to step back before you respond to the critic and say something like “I will consider what you have said. I appreciate the feedback.” If, on the other hand, the criticism does nothing to help improve what you are doing, you are well within your rights to reject it. You are not under any obligation to do everything that everyone tells you to do. Of course, there are several different types of criticism, some constructive, some destructive, and some from people who love to criticize but don’t really have anything worthwhile to contribute. Those are the critics whom you don’t need to take seriously. The one thing that you really want to avoid is getting so caught up in cycles of criticism that you lose sight of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Stay focused on exactly why you went into business in the first place. Take whatever information and advice that you can from others and discard the rest.


It is important to try to see everything and everyone with whom you are associated for business as an opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper. When you are the recipient of criticism (which everyone in the universe experiences at times), do everything in your power to use it to your advantage and to the advantage of your business. There will definitely be times when you can learn from the critic and turn the advice into gold.