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Tips to Keep Your Business Running When You Have Personal Issues

When you work for another person you can take wiped out, get-away or individual time however when you work for yourself it’s not generally simple to take a day or week off.

One of my customers, a mother with low maintenance employment and her own particular business is utilizing each and every extra second she needs to chip away at her business. This week a slight family circumstance happened that required her consideration and nobody else’s. Her week took an unforeseen turn and all that she had wanted to do fell by the wayside. It turned out the circumstance was generally minor however it startled her whole week abandoning her focused and upset.

Taking care of a sudden unforeseen development or emergency can be distressing particularly when you lay it on top of an effectively bustling life. So how would you set up your business so you can rapidly get back on track in the wake of settling the startling circumstance?

Here are several tips to help :

1. Preparation. Life happens. We can’t plan all of the twists and turns it takes and that’s part of the beauty of it. But having your business set up so that you can better manage life events without bursting into tears should be one of your goals. Take a look at the current state of your business, do you have an action plan in place that allows you to take time off? If not then you need to address this right away.

2. Plan. Take the time to place all of your vacations, doctors appointments, family events, kids activities, hair appointments, holidays, date night–and a full day off every week, into your schedule. Then build in a small amount of unplanned time. This is what I call your bonus time. It’s the time you can use any way you choose. This way if you have a crisis that comes up you can dip into this bonus time and use it for catch up if necessary.

3. Be as organized as possible. When something suddenly comes up and you’re trying to get back to the tasks at hand it’s easier to get back in the flow when your business is orderly and organized, this way you can pick up right where you left off and don’t have to lose precious time.

4. Have an assistant…Virtual or otherwise. It took be a while to realize the importance of having an assistant. In the beginning I wasn’t making any money so I thought how could I possibly pay someone more than I was making? Not only is it a smart business decision financially–you’ll be able to work on more money generation activities when you outsource what you’re not good at and takes a great deal of time; but you’ll also have someone who can run business behind the scenes while you’re attending to your personal and private life.

5. Assistants need assistants. I have mentored quite a few virtual assistants and what I’ve come to realize is that many of them are so focused on assisting others that they neglect to have someone assisting them as well. Whether it’s having your own assistant or outsourcing tasks that you prefer not to manage don’t under estimate the need for having someone support you to help you better manage the back end of your business.

6. Get back in the saddle. Once the situation is resolved then get back to working in your business. Address your finances first, your customers next and then your prospects and additional projects. If there was a sudden disruption in the service you provide to your clients then contact them immediately and make sure you’re addressing their needs and concerns first. If necessary, apologize for the sudden disruption and advise them that you’ve got everything under control–then get back to providing what it is you do and deliver it.