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What Does it Take to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

There are underlying attributes of all entrepreneurs. These include :

A competitive nature

Physical & mental endurance

Personal drive towards their vision

Quick recovery from failures

Wise judgments

Confident & brisk decision making

Inspirational leaders

An optimistic character

Tremendous communication abilities

This is quite a tall order however the advantage of most of these attributes is that they can be mostly taught. It can be often found that most entrepreneurs are not natural marketers when they establish their first successful company. They learn these attributes to expose their company to a wider audience. Many entrepreneurs educate on a regular basis to improve their skills and others delegate the attributes they are not a natural at or have a desire to become.

There is no strict criterion in becoming an entrepreneur. They can have many diverse characteristics in race, gender or age. There is however one attribute that is often overlooked and can be the most significant and that is anxiety. An apprehension of needing to know all facets of their business.

Successful entrepreneurs are constantly asking themselves questions about their company such as:

Are we ahead of our competition?

Are we satisfying our customer’s needs?

Where are we vulnerable?

Is our marketing being overlooked?

Are we in line with our profit and sales forecasts?

Do we have the funding to facilitate any future growth?

Essentially entrepreneurs are not satisfied until they have a strong grasp on every part of their business and it is running smoothly. They have a ‘six sense’ about their business and have developed a clear direction based on detailed analysis on all data they receive or source. This gives them the ability to make fast decision when opportunities arise.